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NASA World Wind

Package gov.nasa.worldwindx.examples.applet

Examples of a displaying a World Wind globe in a Java Applet.

See: Description

Package gov.nasa.worldwindx.examples.applet Description

Examples of a displaying a World Wind globe in a Java Applet. Instructions for deploying Applets and live Applet examples are available at Important links for Applets on

The WWJApplet and WWJAppletMinimal classes in this package demonstate how to display a WorldWindow inside a Java Applet, and how to communicate between the Applet and the browser. The documents WWJApplet.html and WWJApplet.jnlp in the demos folder demonstrate how to embed a World Wind Applet in a web page.

Applet Parameters

Applet parameters can be specified in HTML via the applet or object tag using the param field.

    <param name="key" value="value">

The Applet can then retrieve this parameter using Applet's getParameter method.

    String value = getParameter("key");

Java-to-Javascript Communication

This section provides a basic overview of communication between a Java Applet and the browser's Javascript runtime, referred to as LiveConnect. For more information see Oracle's Java Applet tutorial at

Enable Java-to-Javascript Communication

Add the id and mayscript attributes to the applet tag to enable Java-to-Javascript communication. The id attribute provides a DOM Id that Javascript uses to identify the Applet. The mayscript attribute enables the browser to call Javascript functions from Java using the JSObject class.
    <script src=""></script>
        var attributes = {id:'appletId', mayscript:'true', ...};
        var parameters = ...;
        deployJava.runApplet(attributes, parameters, '1.6'); // runApplet automatically looks for JRE 1.6+

Call Java Methods from Javascript

    // Provide a common method for accessing the World Wind applet.
    var theApplet = null;
    function getApplet()
        if (theApplet == null)
            theApplet = document.getElementById('appletId'); // id attribute specified in the applet tag.

        return theApplet;

    // Call the Java Applet method doSomething() from Javascript.

Call Javascript Functions from Java

    import netscape.javascript.JSObject;

    // Call the Javascript doSomethingJS method from the Java Applet.
    JSObject win = JSObject.getWindow(this);"doSomethingJS", null);

    // Evaluate and execute Javascript code as a string.
    win.eval("alert('An alert message')");
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NASA World Wind